Dragan Alexander

For fans of:Ryan Adams, Damion Suomi, Goo Goo Dolls, Ryan Bingham, Ray LaMontagne
"Anyone can take up music as a hobby", states Dragan Alexander."But to be in a real performing and traveling act takes real and unwavering dedication and sacrifice. Today it's extremely hard to come by musicians that have a passion for their craft and who are also willing to make the necessary sacrifices it takes to progress as a band. It is for this reason that I guess I have remained a solo act." Dragan Alexander is a singer songwriter from Beaumont, TX. After playing a part in several failed bands, Dragan made the decision in early 2010 to go it alone and perform as a solo acoustic act. Influenced by great underground acoustic artists like Damion Suomi, Ryan Bingham, David Ramirez, and Levi Smith, Dragan Alexander's music is restive, contemplative, and doleful at times. Dragan's compositions are wrought with themes of faith, love, real life experiences, and are aimed at establishing genuine connections with fans and listeners. www.DraganAlexander.com