Duarte Miguel

The Four Dimensional District

The Four Dimensional District by Duarte Miguel
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For fans of:The 2 Gods, Canal Judas, Santos G
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  1. Nulla Point Overture
  2. Horny Molly
  3. Euclidean
  4. A P?an For Zeza, The Fallen Astronaut
  5. Lettuce, The Hyperspheric Fetus
  6. Built In The Image Of The Octopus
  7. 731 Days In Space
  8. Helianthus, The Circular Infant
  9. The Nightlight Pavilion
  10. Eulogic
  11. Peony, The Spheric King
  12. That Sorrowful Day
  13. The Giant Under An Orange Samhain
  14. The Four Dimensional District
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And with a clean soul and fearless mind, one wouldn't let himself be infected with worries, for he preserved the calm space of inner happiness and peace. So clean and perfect, the climbing virginity he attempted, and the path he unfold, conserving his noise colonies for exacly 3 days, achieving his opus of purity and integrity, when one stood up during his pre-experience and said on the 3rd day, - Yesterday, I crawled out of my abyss of frogs and today... Today I'm not one of them anymore! Tomorrow, it's the judgement day, and this is the day I shall save my strenght for!

One step too far ahead...

The time was uncertain for him, and tired he raised the spirit without a movement from the roots covering his face. - The stretch's been widening for a while now. Anytime, it may reach the perfect form, the full circle. I could never equate such outcome as I was only hoping for a glimpse of what's beyond. I used to say one could never know too much, but I'm afraid that's not effectful anymore. There's a warm line in my fingernail and I'm drawn, I want to reside in it, forever. It's confortable...


It's twitching, it may be afraid, or hurt, this is not pretty, but needed. My hand is fading, disconnecting, numbing, closer and closer to the core, and it's a circle now. It's hurt but I'm no longer willed, it's sucking me, alive. I'm afraid I don't understand how things work anymore...


The sun is shining outside and I can only see thru this tiny hole. Please, sever it. -

As the sun perished, a darker day was about to come. The day he had been waiting for all along... But now he was locked, butt naked inside a crate.


Production, Mixing, Composition and Artwork: Duarte Miguel

Gregi and Kurczak - Soundscape in track 6

Holly - Singing as Molly in track 2 and 14


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Other Credits:

Meditation Relax Club

Beta Monkey (4 Drum Sets)

Music Radar

For fans of:The 2 Gods, Canal Judas, Santos G
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