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Postcard #1: Songs for the Apocalypse

Postcard #1: Songs for the Apocalypse by entertainment for the braindead
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For fans of:make up your , own mind, please
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  1. Bleached Bones
  2. Solitude
  3. The Dream
  4. The Last Day
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An island. A room to myself for seven days, far from everything, detached from motorized traffic, from city noises, from the entire world. The only sounds being the sea and its boats, horse carriages and birds in the heath. I spend the days climbing over rocks and dry bones of sea gulls, collecting flint stones and shimmering shells of dead beetles, lost in thought about how they are all tiny traces of lived life, discarded and left there to dry and weather, just as a song is always a piece of slough, slipped off the moment it‘s written and left as a trace, a piece of the past being cast into some kind of graspable artefact. But the instruments I brought remain silent for most of the time. While I had hoped that the peace of an island would give my wry mind enough space to unwind, instead it feels muffled and all that it spits out are fragments, loose thoughts and musical miniatures that I scatter across my apartment‘s floor like the flint stones and shells I brought home. I‘m not really there. Not really anywhere at all. Well, these are the few sounds I managed to harvest. A sense of absentmindedness. A peace. A yearning. The sea and the gulls.
recorded on Hiddensee, August 2010 released September 2012 Everything: Julia Kotowski CC: BY-NC-SA
For fans of:make up your , own mind, please
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