Epic 18

Epic 18 by Epic XVIII
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For fans of:The Specials, Rancid, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Ozomatli, Catch 22
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  1. Don't Think
  2. Shine
  3. Don't Let Nobody
  4. Epic XVIII
  5. Divides By Zero
  6. Outlaw
  7. Phone Tree Catastrophe
  8. Rainbow Connection
  9. Paying Rent
  10. Let Me Go
  11. Scarlet Moon
  12. World is Changing
  13. Subsonic Bullet

EPIC 18 is the band’s superpowered rerelease of their first album. A meticulous mixture of ska, jazz, punk attitude and everything in between, EPIC 18 is an elevator of an album, giving listeners a ride of epic proportions. All 8 members of the band put all their gusto, gumption y ganas into this 13-song thriller of an album.

EPIC 18 starts out with the smooth-riding, head-bob-inducing, thank-you of a song in “Don’t Think,” lead by the luscious licks from guitarist, Austin “Stones” Chavarin. But don’t get too comfy, there’s “Shine” to run! The rich tones of lead singer and baritone saxophone player Adam Marquez’s magical bari-sax forebode the tales of that desert dew’s draw, only to throw listeners right in the thick of a nefarious moonshine run. “Don’t Let Nobody” is a refreshing, crisp, and undoubtedly gleeful dip in the pool for listeners as they enjoy the hoppy bubble of keyboardist Eli Moreno-Drew’s keys throughout the song.Now that you’re spry and lively, it’s time to kick some villainous butt in “EPIC 18,” the band’s anthem, sung by none other than backing vocalist and trumpeter Logan Alvarado. Chronicling their heroic acts, “EPIC 18” gets crowds jumping, shouting, and even summoning their inner Spirit Wolf! But wait, a challenger approaches! “Divides by Zero” is EPIC XVIII’s flat-footed arch-nemesis, ruining everyone’s day with his improbability! What drummer and Hyrulian Typographer, Eddie Hester, calls a white-knuckle ride, “Divides by Zero” is…well…a white-knuckled ride! With their villains defeated, EPIC XVIII mounts up and delivers the rockabilly inspired “Outlaw”: a come-at-you, bordering on gritty ballad of our lead singer’s colorful past.“Phone Tree Catastrophe” is as much of a song as it is to say. This jam song highlights the vast musical talent throughout the band with trumpet, saxophone, guitar and piano solos, piano solo provided by Brandon Solano. Next, EPIC XVIII provides a ska-rrific rendition of the Muppet’s song “Rainbow Connection,” known to cause an urge to dance and overall gaiety, fueled by the bass of our bassist, Andrew “Doc” Martino. Simmering it down, EPIC XVIII shows off their philosophy muscles in their slow-cooked song “Paying Rent.” Followed by that is the band’s take on Latin rock in the feet-shuffling and heartfelt song, “Let Me Go.”

Rounding out the album, EPIC XVIII pays their tribute to the F Blues in their jazz-inspired song “Scarlet Moon,” highlighting the amazingly talented horn section which includes John Mordasini on trombone, satisfying earholes and lost souls. Next is the upbeat and energetic “The World is Changing,” followed by the album’s final song, EPIC XVIII’s “bullet single” song, “Subsonic Bullet.”

If you like their album, boy are you in for a treat when you see EPIC XVIII live. Their energy aims for infectiousness, their banter is top-notch and professional, but most importantly, these dudes know how to put on a show. Touring all over Southern California, Northern Mexico, Arizona, even venturing out to Las Vegas, nothing gets these guys going like performing for music-lovers and ska-enthusiasts alike. Their touring continues through this summer so be on the lookout!

So, villains, you’ve been warned… Music fans, you’re in luck. With horns and rhythm sections—as well as their spines—aligned, nothing can get in the way of these guys. EPIC XVIII is here to make crowds jump, bars and pubs bump, and everybody else… EPIC!


Logan Alvarado - Trumpet / Vocals
Quincy Carver - Alto Sax
Austin Chavarin - Electric Guitar
Eddie Hester - Drums
Adam Marquez - Baritone Sax / Vocals
Andrew Martino - Electric Bass
John Mordasini - Trombone
Brandon Solano - Clavicle 
Omega Jazz - Vocals

For fans of:The Specials, Rancid, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Ozomatli, Catch 22
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