Eric Tweed

For fans of:Lyle Lovett, Taj Mahal, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews

Acoustic roots and soul music combined to make something entirely new; it's called HoboSoul.

Fan quote says it best...

"This album is a more personalized departure from his earlier work in "Sweet City Slang." The tracks all have a nice listenability coupled with complex and grabbing guitar and vocal hooks. Tweed shows his love and deference for the Delta Blues style while permitting his mastery of the guitar show through with his specific style.

I'm on my 3rd listen of the CD and it seems many genres are present including delta blues, rockabilly, some jazz, and a good folk sensibility. What I liked best about this album is that it made the Delta style more listenable, which even those who really love Sun Records, Alan Lomax, Robert Johnson, Son House etc, will admit that the quality of the recordings and the cultural depth presented sometimes make it hard to listen, although on the aggregate you would still say you were a fan on the genre.

All the tracks on this album are great. Track 1 is a stand out and gives you a great expectation for what to expect the rest of the album. The Robert Johnson cover is deep and shows that Tweed really understands Delta, and does not parrot or imitate - he is a thoroughbred Delta blues artist.

Although this a three piece most of the time, there is a tremendous amount of sound produced. Despite the quantity of sound, every guitar hook is neatly in order, nothing is wasted, there is nothing superfluous. This album stands alone among other contemporaries and I cannot wait for Tweed's next project."