Erik Christensen

Act of Hope

Act of Hope by Erik Christensen
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For fans of:Andrew Peterson, Sara Groves, Audrey Assad, Jason Upton, Matt Maher
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  1. Act Of Hope
  2. A Picture For Tes
  3. Psalm 42
  4. Could It Be Love
  5. Emmanuel
  6. Lay Me Down In Water
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I've come to understand that God's ways are not simply high above ours, but at times seem to be the polar opposite. The goodness of God often is not what we'd deem good and the mercy of God often is not what we'd call mercy. But if union with God is our goal, and if this union requires our sinful nature be done away with, then it is pure love that would move our Father to point out those things in His children which hinder union; and mercy that impels Him not to rest until they are gone. And how can I grow to trust Him without situations that require great trust? The dark nights and the difficult situations, the deserts and the apparent silence of our Father; these are times in which the Father is not just saying, “I love you” but proving it. It’s hard to understand, and it hurts, and it requires a great amount of trust to let Him remove the consolation that we once knew, but He does things like this to those He loves… …and in time, we learn to mistrust the feeling that He can’t be trusted. I pray that theses songs would encourage you to radically trust the Lord in the face of every difficulty you encounter. I pray that in the midst of situations that seem to suggest otherwise, you would learn to say to your Father in Heaven, “You are good”. I pray that you learn to see suffering through the eyes of Christ and know that every tear shed, every dark night of the soul, every hurt that seems to go too far, brings you intimately close to the sacred heart of our suffering king; and there you have untold power in him. No one ever suffered more than our Lord did. And because He did, and because He overcame, He forever stripped suffering and death of their power. When we experience suffering, it will be a sword in our hand rather than a sword that defeats us...if only we learn to embrace the cross. May these songs help you do just that.
All music and lyrics by Erik Christensen Produced by Phil Rosensteel with Erik Christensen Arranged by Phil Rosensteel and Erik Christensen Strings arranged by Phil Rosensteel Recorded at Dark Horse Recording, Nashville, TN and SongBuilder Studios, Baltimore, MD Mixed by Stephen Joseph Antonelli @ SongBuilder Studios with Phil Rosensteel and Erik Christensen Mastered by Doug Van Sloun @ Focus Mastering, Omaha, NE Musicians: Erik Christensen: Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Lead Vocals Joe White: Mandolin, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Backing vocals Craig Jackson: Bass Phil Rosensteel: Piano, Percussion, backing vocals Nick Sungenis: Violin Brigitte Anwar: Cello Matt Rezny: Drums Dustin Ransom: Banjo, Organ Steve Rees: Accordian Corrie Dubyoski: backing vocals
For fans of:Andrew Peterson, Sara Groves, Audrey Assad, Jason Upton, Matt Maher
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