Erik Karlsson

For fans of:Ellis Paul, James Taylor, John Hiatt, Dar Williams, Tim/Neal Finn

Erik Karlsson’s folk-rock songs are stories about worlds that could be inhabited by you or by me, by the person sitting beside you or the neighbor across the street. They are people with honest issues dealing with things in honest ways - some are happy, some at the end of their rope - but all are treated with respect at the hands of this engaging songwriter and performer.

With an engaging stage presence accompanied by a blending of many of acoustic music's most emotive styles, FolkCountryPOP is how Erik likes to describe his meshing of musical goodness.

Erik’s first music release was as a member of a band in Houston named The Plastic Yardbirds in 2001. He has since been performing his brand of music at any number of venues, from coffee shops to opening for national artists like Dana Cooper.