For fans of:Tingstad & Rumbel, Blackmore's Night, David Young, David Arkenstone, Bronn Journey
A truly great ensemble moves as one entity, sharing a common golden thread as the tapestry of music is woven. Seattle-based Erwilian captures this essence majestically with each of its multi- instrumentalists’ high proficiency in their craft, performed on an array of acoustic instruments ranging from the familiar standbys of recorders, guitars, and drums to the more unusual, hammered dulcimers, marimba, a vintage celesta—nothing synthesized, everything acoustic. Blending everything from the rhythms of bluegrass and otherworldly new age instrumentation, to fantasy folk music and the experimentalism of electronica, Erwilian's personnel draw on their varied backgrounds to create their own modern take on acoustic music that is both meditative and transcendent. With the raw energy and visual spectacle the band brings to the stage, audiences can always expect a thrilling live performance.