Eshon Burgundy

For fans of:Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Talib Kweli, Lecrae, Da Truth

Born early Spring, fresh into the 80’s, life began contrarily bleak for Eshon Burgundy. First son to a single teen mom, his early years were spent in the hostile hoods of Philadelphia. By the age of five Eshon had moved from the homes of various family members, abusive “step dads,” crack houses, and shelters. Eventually, he, his mother and the three siblings she came to conceive settled into south Philadelphia’s Passyunk Housing Projects. Growing up in one of Philadelphia’s most menacing projects, survival mode became Eshon’s only way of living . Vicious drug wars, unpredictable drive-by’s, and the murder of random neighborhood friends squashed the luxury of peace most children get to experience. Surviving became a literal notion when attempted murder almost robbed him of a sixteenth birthday. Shot three times, within 60 seconds of life, Eshon was miraculously revived from the near-fatal shooting. And what seemed to be headed towards a tragic ending, instead, became the turning point of new life. Eshon knew the only one that could have been responsible for his miracle, was the God his mother often talked about. The God he was taught to pray to. Now feeling wooed to God, he sensed his debt to Heaven but didn’t know how to totally surrender. It wasn’t until four years after his near-death experience that he learned to surrender his life, through faith and confession, to Jesus Christ. Then, he began serving full-time at his local church and redirecting his affinity for music towards the Kingdom.

He, a Christian rapper, has performed on stages all over the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom with artists like Mos Def, Roy Ayers, The Roots, Alicia Keys, Talib Kweli and Jazmine Sullivan. Additionally, Eshon has released more than ten projects, featured on more than 50 mixtapes and albums like The Snowgoons Dynasty with Ghostface Killah, and recorded original songs with famed producers that include Jazzy Jeff (Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince), Karriem Riggins (Slum Village & Common) and Runway Star (Teach Me How to Dougie). He continues to attract a multifaceted fanbase—mixed with listeners who relate to the street life he once lived, and those who’ve found their new life in Christ. In 2011 Eshon independently released his first album Blood Rushing to My Head, followed by his Humble Beast Records release The Fear of God. Today, he lives in northern New Jersey with his wife Tandeace and their three children, Harlem, Evyr and Kinsington. To bring Eshon to your city, submit a booking request. - See more at:!/the-rapper/