Fernando Mora Ángel

Duele Latinoamerica

Duele Latinoamerica by Fernando Mora Ángel
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For fans of:Arjona, Illapu, Serrat, Jaivas, Inti Illimani
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  1. Me refugio
  2. Duele latinoame´rica mix Master
  3. Exilio
  4. Cancio´n cursi mix Master
  5. Dios de los Andes
  6. Ciudad triste
  7. A todos los fuelles
  8. Llanto de viento
  9. Un pasillito de noche
  10. Llora´te en este tiple mix Master
  11. Pregones de centro
  12. Mina de brillo y muerte
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"DueleLatinoamérica" is a musical production based on the sound traditions of the Andean music of the Latin American continent. It is made up of twelve musical and poetic works that use music genres of this geographical environment, raised from a vision that seeks to generate new aesthetic horizons, interpretative and conceptual ways for these genres of music. These are songs created and performed by a singer-songwriter who, at the same time, acts as a multi-instrumentalist, interpreting strings and winds from the Andes, as well as Western instruments such as piano and guitar and others from the new Experimentation as synthesizers.

This work proposes, through songs, a reflection on what it means to assume the Latin American being as a political, ideological and aesthetic fact that transcends the territorial notion of country. The problems that afflict our continent, as well as the worldview that arises from the places of enunciation that are proper to this work, invite to contemplate the environment from the realities and strengths of the continent. This work generates an immersion in different aesthetics and Latin American genres that go from the vidala and the zamba of Argentina, to the huayno of the high plateau of Peru and Bolivia and to the bambuco and the corridor of Colombia. Crossing its musical, formal borders and building an aesthetic that crosses the continent with the aim of generating new notions of territoriality. The texts ask about the city, the transition between rural and urban, religion and spirituality, from the concept of syncretism between the European, the African and the pre-Columbian, the violence that we must have suffered to make possible our political projects As nations; The music and the notions of world and context that it implies; The reality of love when it must be lived in the universe of violence; The socio-linguistic evolution of our way of communicating when we are going through the processes of conurbation and development; The hard realities of the labor world of Latin Americans, typified especially by the miners.


All compositions, performances and production was made by Fernando Mora Ángel

For fans of:Arjona, Illapu, Serrat, Jaivas, Inti Illimani
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