FFOR the Hebrew

For fans of:Lecrae, Bizzle, MOG Murvin, Thi'sl, Kindle Flame

FFOR = Family First Only Roayalty; Romans 8:14-19

FFOR the Hebrew is a Bible-based Christian Rapper boldy proclaiming the message of JESUS CHRIST over bangin' beats! His mission and passion is to reach his peers and those coming up with the love of CHRIST.

Born and raised in the faith, at 17, the death of his mother shook his whole world. After spending the next few years immersed in street life; JESUS called him home. He went through years of study and healing, emerging in 2014 as FFOR the Hebrew.

Today FFOR the Hebrew ministers anywhere chruches, parks, stadiums, schools, military bases & jails. His sophmore project, "Cloud Crew", is now available for free! He is set to release, "Bible On The Beat", 2016!

FFOR the Hebrew keeps it moving forward focused on providing quality music that edifies. It is his goal to win souls to JESUS CHRIST. He won't stop working until his body stops working towards that purpose. Until the end he will keep spreading the hope of CHRIST across the earth.