Daytrotter Session - Nov 7, 2014

Nov 7, 2014 Futureappletree Rock Island, IL by Finch
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Back to Oblivion
  3. Anywhere But Here
  4. Play Dead
  5. Without You
We had Owen Ashworth, formerly Casiotone For The Painfully Alone and currently Advance Base, here in town last night and while playing a set in front of an attentive audience, he heard a girl request a song from his younger days. It was a song that Ashworth felt was too dated. He apologized and said, "I don't play that song anymore. I'm not angry like that anymore. I don't have those feelings." He'd found that he was a different man. A new song that he played to close his set, had him singing, "You won't see me around/I've got a family now," and it was a lyrical sentiment that brought everything full circle for him. It was a pleasant drawing of the curtains, or something like throwing a bunch of shit in a box and putting it up on a shelf in the basement or the garage and not really feeling the need to label it. It wasn't going to be thrown out, but it might not ever be looked at again. They might never have a signpost on memory lane. Ashworth is mentioned here because he reminds us of the great mellowing with age that takes over for most of us. The ire slackens and we're free to fell differently about our trespasses and our trespassers. The dents and the middle fingers are more laughable. Just don't mess with our kids. The guys in Finch still have some of that pissed off rage that might have been lost with time. There's still a world that's on fire. There are still a ton of shitheads out there running things and there's a sense that they've got a direct hold on what we do and who we're allowed to be some days. It takes looking no further than the city of Ferguson, Missouri, right now to understand where anger and fumes can kick up in a hurry. So much rages in so many people, just below the surface. There are plenty of injustices out there to chew on. People aren't as wise as they should be by now and there are plenty of people who refuse to change -- loving who they are for better or for worse.