Folk of Flight

For fans of:The Swell Season, The Civil Wars, Patty Griffin, Alison Krauss & Robert Plant
One cold winter, we sat across from one another to try our hand at musical collaboration. Much to our surprise, our first stab at co-writing proved simply effortless—a natural fit. For the remainder of the winter and throughout the spring we performed our new music at various venues around the St. Louis area. When summer came, we found ourselves singing in a beautiful studio recording the Folk of Flight EP. Joined by a handful of our talented friends, we spent two and a half days recording followed by many nights of mixing. We didn’t sleep. We drank coffee. We ate Indian food. We drank more coffee. We loved it. This EP is the product of that enjoyable weekend and the result of the whirlwind genesis of our band. Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy it! --Paul Ranheim & Karen Choi