For fans of:MuteMath, The Parlor Mob, The Mars Volta, Poison The Well
Forester began as a band named The Muffin Tumblers comprising of Kevin Reed, David Hamilton, and Cameron Puckett. They performed a few songs at a couple open mics and realized that they thoroughly enjoyed creating and performing together. At the time, Cameron was singing and playing drums, but they knew that they were going to have to have a better drummer if they wanted to make music that was more than open mic worthy. Cameron called his brother Zach who had been in many bands previously and asked if he would be willing to drum with the band. He agreed his addition brought about a fuller, more energetic performance and led the band to delve into new styles of music and song structures. The new format allowed for more in-depth lyrics that could handle the complexities of the faith in Christ that the band shares. These changes brought a need for a new name. That name is Forester. Kevin Reed on guitar, David Hamilton on bass, Zach Puckett on drums, and Cameron Puckett on vocals.