Frank Horvat

For fans of:Philip Glass, Keith Jarrett, Steve Reich, Erik Satie

“Muscular, musical, vigorous, memorable”

Having started composing in his teens, Frank Horvat is an award winning and critically acclaimed composer and pianist. His original music is influenced by the post-modern idea of eclecticism. His portfolio of over seventy-five compositions demonstrates a variety of musical styles, even combined within one work. This is evident from his influences: from Bach to Beethoven to Bartók to Bjork, folk musics from around the world, jazz & blues, minimalism. His compositions have been based on real world themes such as social issues, family, athletic pursuits, September 11 and sometimes just a catchy little riff.

For Frank, creative new music does not have to be put on a pedestal and be art with a capital “A”. Making an emotional and/or cerebral connection with an audience is paramount. That is why he feels strongly about performing his own works whenever possible. Solo piano recitals are intense, passionate, and engaging.

Frank has performed, directed, and arranged many styles of music including Classical, Blues, Rock, Jazz and Pop in both solo and ensemble/band efforts in Canada and abroad. Released in June ’07, his debut recording, “I’ll Be Good”, features thirteen original compositions for solo piano performed by Frank himself. This was followed by a 28-stop concert tour including performances at NuitBlanche (Toronto) and The Works Art and Design Festival (Edmonton). Frank’s follow-up CD, “A Little Dark Music”, released on Earth Hour 2010 contains his compositions inspired by environmental themes. A portion of the sale of this CD is being donated to WWF. From March 2010 to April 2011, Frank presented “The Green Keys Tour”, a 60+ city concert tour across Canada and the US that showcased eco-friendly behaviour. In January 2014 he released his third CD entitled, “I Can See You”, for band and electronics.

His portfolio consists of chamber, pop, electronic, musical theatre, film, and large ensemble works. His work has been performed on many occasions in a variety of live venues. His music has also been featured on television networks like the CBC & Bravo and a variety of radio stations internationally.

Born in Ottawa, Canada on April 5, 1974, Frank began his studies at the age of five. His childhood years included intense musical study in piano, theory, and composition – winning many awards and scholarships along the way. He holds an ARCT Diploma with Honours from the Royal Conservatory of Music. He also holds a Bachelor of Music Degree majoring in Composition from the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto where he studied composition with Walter Buczynski and Christos Hatzis and piano with Boyanna Toyich.

Now residing in Toronto with his wife, Frank is passionate about social issues related to poverty and the environment.