Fred Guggenberger

Paradise Regained

Paradise Regained by Fred Guggenberger
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For fans of:ZZ Top, Westernhagen, Peter Maffay, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler
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  1. Paradise regained
  2. My daddy drove a Challenger
  3. Longhaired and worth nothing
  4. I will never crawl again
  5. The devil wears lipstick
  6. 40 cups of coffee
  7. Two-Dimension-Blues
  8. The black guy in the neighborhood
  9. I can_t call the cops
  10. God rides a Harley
  11. At the crossroads
  12. Grandpa picked the Blues

"Paradise regained" is taking the audience to a journey through live, love, losing and winning. On this journey, you will meet a lot of interesting characters. From the guy with his Dodge Challenger that drives the Sheriff mad to some other guy that breaks his chains and starts to life. "You couldn´t love me the way i am ... and i will never crawl again."

Watch the man, that meets his cheating ex-wife in a bar and tells her, that he sold his phone and the "god damned mailbox, too" to never ever hear from hear again. Will "40 cups of coffee" help him?

Same time, another place: A young white boy falls in love with the daughter of his black neighbor and tries to impress him, which leads the "Black guy in the neighborhood" to teach him a lesson about stereotypes and skin colors .

Breaking stereotypes is also part of "God rides a Harley", before we follow Robert Johnson on his way to meet the devil "At the crossroads". At the end, we realize that not only "Grandpa picked the Blues", we still do it. The sound has changed but the feel and emotion is still the same. And it is not about sadness but about heaving a heart. Life is not always easy when you got a heart that can be broken. But at the end, we all find our personal paradise.

"Paradise regained" is based on the Blues, but not a typical straight blues-album. Some songs are too rocking and one is too pop to be called Blues. At the end it is just music, emotions and storytelling. And ain´t that what the Blues has always been about?

Life has too many faces to put it in a box. And so is this album.

Enjoy your journey.


Fred Guggenberger: Songwriting, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Hammond, Synthesizer, Drums, Recording and mixing.

Dani Strobl: Rhythmguitar on "40 cups of coffee"

Claudia Guggenberger - Photographer

Covermodels: Anja Spegele (Angel), Frankie "Lattenzaun"Drobny (God)

For fans of:ZZ Top, Westernhagen, Peter Maffay, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler
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