Future of Forestry

For fans of:Sleeping at Last, Explosions in the Sky, Copeland, Sigur Ros

Eric Owyoung, front-man and songwriter, formed Future of Forestry in sunny San Diego, California in 2006. The debut album “Twilight” (Credential Recordings EMI/CMG), produced by Ken Andrews, strongly characterized the band's sound as ambient, melodic rock with beautiful, soaring melodies and intricate layers of sound. Future of Forestry's music is rich and diverse. There is rarely a song that simply fits within the typical 'band sound' of bass, drums, and guitars. The songs are composed with counteractive melodies and intricate rhythms that give them an ethereal quality. Orchestral elements such as strings, timpani, pipe organ, and taiko drum are only a few instruments that lend their voice to such a unique sound. “I consider myself more like a conductor rather than in a band,” says Eric Owyoung. “My classical background taught me not to look so much at the singularity of the musician, but at the bigger picture, the music ‘scape’ that is being created by a collaborative team.”