Gallatin Arts Festival

Gallatin Arts Festival Sampler 2013

Gallatin Arts Festival Sampler 2013 by Gallatin Arts Festival
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For fans of:Emma Schlamme, Lexi & Liza St. John, Lucas Hamren, Cuttin' Horse
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  1. Keep You Down / Cuttin' Horse
  2. Evergreen / Cuttin' Horse
  3. Black As Your Stare / Cuttin' Horse
  4. Temptation Blues / Cuttin' Horse
  5. All I Want / Lucas Hamren
  6. Two In Two Weeks / Lucas Hamren
  7. Deepest Well / Lucas Hamren
  8. Parking Lots / Lucas Hamren
  9. A Case of You / Emma Schlamme
  10. I Can't Make You Love Me / Emma Schlamme
  11. Nightmare's Monster / Lexi & Liza St. John
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The Gallatin Arts Festival 2013 album features a number of artists who were accepted into the Gallatin Arts Festival in the music performance or sound categories. Artists Lucas Hamren, Emma Schlamme, and Cuttin' Horse represent the line-up for the music lounge hosted on Friday, April 12th as the closing to the festival which runs from April 8th - April 12th. Artists Lexi & Liza St. John's addition to the album is a track they created alongside a music video for the festival. On this album, you can hear both original and covered material from these talented artists representing the 2013 Gallatin Arts Festival. The Gallatin Arts Festival is a week-long celebration of the unique artistry and interdisciplinary scholarship of the students at NYU's Gallatin School. The festival presents work in the visual and performing arts hosted in modular galleries and performances spaces.
For fans of:Emma Schlamme, Lexi & Liza St. John, Lucas Hamren, Cuttin' Horse
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