Geddes The Sea

For fans of:Coldplay, One Republic, Justin Timberlake

As part of his new project, Geddes the Sea, Utah recording artist Gavin Hurlburt has released a single from his upcoming EP entitled “Summer.”

“After leaving the band Wasatch and moving to Nashville, I’ve been able to explore and create a whole new sound,” said Hurlburt. “My goal is to do more than make memorable music. I want to be an agent for positive change in the lives of thousands. I believe music that is genuine and comes from the heart can do that.” For the Summer EP, Hurlburt is writing, recording and producing the entire project. He explains “while it is a challenge to do it all myself, I love the freedom and control it gives me. It allows the real me to come through and I hope it resonates with my fans.”

His ambitious project is kicking off with the release of his first single, "Holy Ghost"

Listen and download for free, here!