For fans of:Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Livin Proof

My name is Eleazar Olivares, a mere man of no reputation, prestige, honor or wealth.. I have no degrees, trophies or credentials. I have nothing to boast in except the cross of Jesus Christ and what He is doing in me. I’m a man of many failures, most of which are known to the brethren. I’m an open book and I don’t live my life attempting to please man nor win his approval. Yes, I’m fallen creation, but I choose to walk in the newness of my spirit through the resurrection of Christ. I was put to death as He was and because He resurrected, so have I and I’m able to walk in the authority that God the Father has desired since before I was in the womb. God has given me a gift of music, a pulpit, which no man can shut up or tear down. He has planted me and commissioned me to put in order what remains unfinished (titus1.5a) I was born in the Northside of Houston, Texas and although I was raised in the church, I delve into a world of drugs and alcohol at an early age. Due to a lack of identity I spiraled down into cutting myself and constantly having suicidal thoughts which eventually almost ended my life. But I’m still here… I didn’t know then, but I’ve caught a glimpse now of my purpose here on Earth. He would pull me out of slavery and death, strengthen me, and send me back in to preach to a dying nation. To remind them of what has happened at the Cross, what is taking place now, and what is to come if they don’t repent and turn to Him. I’m called into the office of a prophet.. And while I make no use of titles I do embrace the mantle with grace and humility. I know it won’t be easy.. it wasn’t for Jesus.. or Paul.. or any man who sincerely preached Christ crucified. Nevertheless not my will but Gods will be done.. (God is my help) came from the Hebrew derivative of my name (Eleazar) which then evolved into (God is my help ministries) I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I’ve been summoned by God.. and I know that I’ve been anointed to herald His word.. it’s gotta start somewhere. Grace and Peace~