Goodnight Neverland

For fans of:Sleeping at Last, Copeland, As Tall As Lions, Deas Vail, Trenton
"With a name taken from a movie about Peter Pan, you might wrongly expect Goodnight Neverland to write songs reliving the tales of the immortal boy and his moody fairy companion. The reality, however, is that the band chose to appeal to the magical and mysterious sensibilities invoked in the name. And, to me, it sort of ignores the green clad hero altogether in order to embrace a more meaningful notion: “Hold on to whatever childishness you do have left so that you don’t get swept Into the sea of the mundane world” After listening to the album as a whole, the name made the most sense to me in that way. Hold on to what makes you who you are. I’ve heard it asked before “what’s in a name?” and in this case- everything."