Greg Kester

For fans of:Incubus, Switchfoot, Josh Garrels, Vertical Horizon, Sting

Greg Kester is a passionate musician and producer whose songs help listeners connect the head to the heart. Exploring themes such as guilt, grace, purpose, human longing, and existence, both Kester’s lyrics and complex instrumentals strike a deep chord in the lightest and heaviest of hearts. His songs capture an American sound with influences ranging from soul to 90’s alternative rock that you can easily listen to all day. Performances can vary from an acoustic songwriter to a full band including a horn and string section. He often writes and performs with his wife, Tara, who lends harmony and solo vocal talents to much of the live and recorded production. Kester is originally from Bethlehem, PA and now resides in San Diego, CA. His newest album, "No Faith In Fear" was released September 1 2017.