Greg Scheer

The St. Sinner Orchestra: So Far from Home

The St. Sinner Orchestra: So Far from Home by Greg Scheer
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For fans of:Harry Nilsson, Elvis Costello, ELO, J.S. Bach, The Beatles
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  1. The Deeper You Get
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Palestrina
  4. What_s Real
  5. Idiot
  6. Have I Gone too Far
  7. Silent Star
  8. So Far From Home
  9. I_ll Be Around
  10. When I_m Dreaming

The St. Sinner Orchestra is a grand fusion of classical and rock music, featuring a dozen string players, a percussionist, and Greg Scheer on vocals and guitar. Scheer, a classical composer by training and a rock musician at heart, combines the rhythms of pop and the intricacies of classical music, resulting in what Duke University’s Jeremy Begbie calls “music that that will disturb your imagination and delight your heart—a rare combination.” The St. Sinner Orchestra’s music is uniquely crafted with the orchestra’s voice taking center stage. These are not just pop songs with strings. These are compositions that weave together catchy melodies, driving harmonies, and extended string sections.


All Songs written by Greg Scheer. The St. Sinner Orchestra is Mary Bardolph, Audrey Clayton, Eve Clayton, Pete Colburn, Luke Enders, Amy Heeringa, Amy Hertel, Kevin Mosher, Deb Mouw, Josh Parks, Andrew Plaisier, Ron Rienstra, Karen Saupe, Greg Scheer, Simon Scheer, Theo Scheer, Courtney Selvius, Kate Snow, Pat Tergerson, and Ruth Vanden Bos. Violin Solo on "Have I Gone too Far" by Kevin Mosher. Violin Solo on "The Deeper You Get" by Josh Parks.  Album Mixed and Mastered by Drew Elliot.  

For fans of:Harry Nilsson, Elvis Costello, ELO, J.S. Bach, The Beatles
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