Hans Chew

For fans of:Leon Russell, Nick Cave, James Booker, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard
Hans Chew delivers powerful medicine, a resurrection of rock & roll as unique as it is traditional. It’s Jerry Lee Lewis on a Nick Cave trip, Floyd Cramer as the Night Tripper; it’s Leon Russell tickling James Booker in the backseat of Little Richard’s Cadillac. After many years adrift, Hans Chew took up residence at the Clermont Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia with nothing more than a typewriter, some New Orleans records, and a piano. Hans would check out two years later and move to New York City with a handful of songs. Hans Chew’s 2010 debut album, Tennessee and Other Stories..., received four-stars from Rolling Stone Magazine who called it “fantastic... timeless...”. Uncut Magazine included the record in their Top 50 Albums of the Year and their list of the 20 Best Americana Albums, while also nominating Hans for their highest honor, The Uncut Music Award. Hans Chew is alive and kicking in New York City. He is currently working on his next record, due in 2012.