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NYC Flat Fee MLS by Hauseit
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Are you looking to sell FSBO in NYC and list on the MLS?Believe it or not, NYC flat fee MLS companies are still very rare despite advances in technology and the city having the highest home prices and real estate commissions in the nation.

Selling FSBO in NYC? List with a NYC Flat Fee MLS package:

New York City flat fee MLS listings are rare for the following reasons:

  • Reason Number One: NYC’s real estate industry is controlled by only a few major brokerage companies, creating an oligopoly for consumers. The supervising brokers at these large brokerages will not sign off on any discounted commission agreements negotiated by their salespeople.
  • Reason Number Two: Aspiring real estate agents enforce the status quo, refuse to discount commissions and ‘dream big’ in the hopes of earning a 6% commission check.
  • Reason Number Three: NYC doesn’t have a traditional MLS, so it’s more challenging to offer FSBO sellers a NYC flat fee MLS listing package.

What is the NYC MLS?

Looking for a NYC Flat Fee MLS Company? Buyer Beware!

FSBO sellers looking for a reliable New York City Flat Fee MLS provider must do their homework. Beware of the national FSBO companies who list you on the wrong MLS, don’t post your property on StreetEasy, or openly label your listing as a FSBO property. NYC FSBO sellers should also be weary of using a local NYC Flat Fee MLS company that openly advertises discount brokerage services, as this could dissuade traditional buyer’s agents from bringing their clients to your listing.

Hauseit is the only listing company in NYC which offers intelligent sellers two options for significantly reducing or eliminating NYC real estate commissions altogether.

For FSBO sellers, Hauseit offers NYC home owners the most reliable and effective NYC flat-fee MLS service for a low, one-time flat fee. Your listing will be fully marketed on the NYC MLS, calledRLS, and a dozen of other sites like StreetEasy by a full-service REBNY member firm for 0% listing agent commission.

List FSBO in NYC:

For New York City sellers who are too busy to list FSBO but still aren’t willing to pay 6% in commissions, Hauseit also offers sellers the ability to work with a full-service REBNY member listing agent for only 1%.

Sell in NYC for just 1%:

For fans of:Coldplay, U2, Shakira
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