Daytrotter Session - Feb 17, 2018

Feb 17, 2018 Daytrotter Studios Davenport, IA by Hideout
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Doctor
  3. Where You've Been
  4. I Got Your Message
Hideout is the fleshed out brain child of Gabriel Rodriguez, who earned his chops touring with indie band Cults. We've got him here in this session performing with part of his rotating live crew. The session is short and sweet, and left me diving into Hideout's bandcamp when it was over. Hideout is an electro-rock band at its core although the full album contains more than just glam rock. Here in this session you'll find yourself dancing and singing along to catchy and well written songs that carry the weight of a talented writer morphing their pain into something the rest of us can have fun listening to. It's a little strange dancing along to the soundtrack of someone's pain, but the arrangement of the songs begs you to as a way of entering, a way of understanding. Listening to this session and reading about their latest album made me think about why we make music at all. It's very fun—or at least it can be. We can use it to communicate across cultures and empathize interpersonally. We can use it to cope with loss, to turn a light on in the darkness. If we can't get that light on, we can at least discuss the darkness together. But sometimes it's inexplicable. Sometimes you just need to make it. It can pour out of you like water or it can drive you crazy pounding on the walls of your skull. There's never one simple answer or point. Hideout knows this and weaves a large array of subject matter into their songs.