Highway Hustle

For fans of:Currensy, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Alexandria, VA Tim Lloyd has always had a natural ear for music. As a child, he learned to play multiple instruments and as he grew he combined his creative writing ability with his expanding musical composition skills. To further his knowledge of the recording arts, he relocated to Orlando, Florida to study Entertainment Business at Full Sail University. During that time, he began cultivating his musical style and in 2010, shortly after graduating, he released his first EP, Prodigal Summer and Highway Hustle was born.

Highway Hustle is not just another rap artist. Known for his unique sound and impassioned lyrics, his aim has always been to push the creative margins of hip hop music and culture.

After a four year hiatus, his 2nd EP, Breath of Fresh Air, was released in 2014. The success of his 2nd EP lead to numerous tour dates and performances including the California Sweetheart Tour with Lil Debbie. Taking advantage of the exposure, Highway expanded his H2 Entertainment brand by launching his clothing line, Hustl Lifestyle, to critical acclaim.

His 3rd EP, The Fast Life, set to be released Fall 2016, promises to be his most vulnerable, honest, and transparent project to date. The Fast Life takes you through a culmination of real life events in an effort to give the listener a glimpse into the world from which Highway Hustle came. You will get to know the man, the hustler, and the artist, all while connecting to the insatiable human desire to acquire wealth, power, and success.

Welcome to the Fast Life.