Hillary Hand

In My Head

In My Head by Hillary Hand
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For fans of:Lykke Li, Feist, St. Vincent, Tegan And Sara, Ellie Goulding
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In My Head will be Hillary's second EP to date and exemplifies her desire to preserve a musical balance by expressing individuality on each track, unifying both feel and sound throughout the entirety of the album. She encourages the listener to feel joy, sadness, pain, torment, & desire, while evoking a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality. 'California Sun' awakens an eagerness for peace amongst turmoil with lyrics like,

"Don't be fooled by the hard days,

don't be fooled by the careless mistakes I make.

Lets begin with a new start...

forget the proudness of our hearts".

The unflinching honesty of her words invites one to stare their difficulties in the face, giving the listener a sense of camaraderie in the fact that every human soul simultaneously craves while being tormented by one thing: love. 'Hangin' On' is another lyrically notable track that is delicately sheathed by a hidden darkness - perhaps a darkness one might feel in facing their demons, addictions, sins, imperfections, flaws, or foibles. Lyrics like,

"Please don't keep me hangin' on by a thread.

You should know this is better off dead.

Seemed like life was sunny in my head.

Don't tell me this should be left unsaid," portray someone in a conversational war within their own head, addictions at hand, justifying the consequences in a sad attempt to let them go.

The irony is in the chorus line,

"Don't give me your sympathy, you know I've got this on my own.

If you knew anything of me, you'd know I'm better off alone," and comes to light in the fact that overcoming one's addiction will never succeed if they're unwilling to either face or let anyone in, including one’s self.

Nate Jones, the producer and guitarist on this album, was someone who enabled this EP to come to life. By eliminating hindrances such as time or hard deadlines, he gave the album a "no apologies” stamp of success. Hillary produced alongside Nate and gained the knowledge needed to further her musical career, confident in a future where the artist can make an album sound exactly how they heard it in their head. Hillary & Nate were also able to include some incredibly talented musicians, including bassist Matt Bissonette, (Elton John, Joe Satriani, Ringo Starr) and drummer Joel Burns in order to bring the rhythm section to life on songs like 'Livin' My Life', 'California Sun', and 'Unstable.' Along with Nate's masterfulelectric guitar riffs and Hillary's own quirky organ playing & alluring vocal harmonies, this album is sure to delight any fan of interesting & unique pop music.

For fans of:Lykke Li, Feist, St. Vincent, Tegan And Sara, Ellie Goulding
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