Daytrotter Session - Jul 4, 2010

Jul 4, 2010 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Hottub
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Fifteen / Too Hot To Trott / M.A.N.B.I.T.C.H / 1-2-3-Go!
So, this is the week of the hot tub. The DVD release of "Hot Tub Time Machine" is upon us and here's the official posting of Oakland hip-hop/dance your asses off group Hottub's session. If they had a couple nickels to rub together this week, "Hot Tub Time Machine," would have been a film that they would have thought about purchasing and owning, though when they got it home, they would have immediately wished to have been given some sort of directorial say-so. There are a lot of things that these five crazies would have changed in the details - though the plotline seems sound enough that it would have suited their structural needs. In John Cusack's version of the film, there are four men who are hating on their lives a little bit - a common theme for those mid-lifers when motion pictures are concerned - and a weekend trip to a formerly glorious ski retreat is supposed to snap them all out of their suicidal tendencies. As could be suspected, the hot tub goes haywire and sends them back into time, back to the 1980s, a decade that Co-Co Machete, Loli Pop, Ambr33zy, Jay-Sonic, Funky Finger of Hottub the band all love more than life itself - though they're markedly stoked that pornography is much more readily found these days than it was back then. In Cusack's movie, there's a little bit of toplessness and some potentially sexy moments, but you're left wanting so much more sexiness and full frontal would be nice. These are the changes that Hottub would make to a movie that they should have been consulted for. There would have been a clothing optional mandate. This would have happened on a steamy, West Coast beach, in the summer, not in the winter months at a ski lodge. There would have been more Spandex, more cleavage, more whipped cream, more makeup, more making out, more grabbing, more caressing, more dirtiness and more ladies calling the shots. It would have been a stupendous success and it would have rightfully earned itself a rating that would have kept it out of almost every theater in America. So what. It would have been an instant classic. Hottub is a raunchy romp of a group that seems as if it wouldn't mind delivering on all of its innuendos and lyrical promises. They're hard on men and they'd argue that men are hard on them as well. In their short visit here in Rock Island, they were taking whiskey shot after whiskey shot with new bros Nathaniel Rateliff and band, they discussed an infatuation with serial killers and there were no fewer than a half a dozen nipple slips - this over the course of three hours, maximum. They live and perform music from the mindset of a nipple slip, but one that gets casually tucked back under a shirt, not one that's thrown back under the covers with great embarrassment and reddened face. They're provocative and Hottub are here for a good time. They'll take your good time or any one that they see and they'll toss it away when they're finished, as if were a soggy, stained napkin - off to find another one, in another place. Just try to keep up with them.