Ice Cold Jónzy

For fans of:J Dilla, Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, Mac Miller, Nas

Ice Cold Jónzy was born in Los Angeles, Ca at Kaiser Permanente on Sept. 4th 1988. He was born Steve Jones Jr. The second boy of the family and the male to graduate from college on his dad's side, Rocket was raised and grew up in Grand Rapids & Woodland Park, Michigan. Woodland Park is a Historical Site for Black that was roaring with business in the 1920s.

Ice Cold Jónzy is a storyteller from the past. He is an intellectual creative person who has created many revenues for his creativity. From Music to Film, his many personalities range around his idea that you can and YOU should do what you love by any means necessary. Ice Cold Jónzy is a great asset to his family and his community. In 2018 Jonzy chose to take on a few substitute teaching position and was let go from his job as a permanent substitute for a math teaching position when he chose to rap his songs for his classes. Ever since ice cold jónzy was let go, a fire was lit underneath him to gain more exposure and become the artist that everyone has been waiting to see blossom.

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Rocket Stands for the Tomorrow People