Identical Suns

Identical Suns

Identical Suns by Identical Suns
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For fans of:beatles, beach boys, crowded house, jellyfish, mike viola
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  1. Baby I'm Down
  2. Nothing I Can Do
  3. Coulda Sent A Reminder
  4. Show Me A Sign
  5. Yesterday Ended At Midnight
  6. E.M.I.L.Y.
  7. Common Ground
  8. The Turn
  9. Unraveled
  10. After The Lullaby

#5 Album of the year from Twirl Radio:5. Identical Suns – Identical Suns

Transcontinental rock band? Songs with harmonies that shimmer as brightly as the Beach Boys, while other songs are as audacious as Urge Overkill? Who are these Identical Suns? None other than Todd Stanton from Ohio, and Rene Rodriguez from Southern California. These two met the old fashioned way–online, in a music chat room–and were match-made into forming a band by my radio brother Adam Waltemire (Pop Garden Radio), and the rest is history. These two have an almost psychic way of writing songs together–sending them back and forth, polishing them, until they are no longer “a Todd song” or “a Rene song”–but a true Identical Suns mind meld. Baby I’m Down is the perfect way to announce the band’s arrival, with its Raspberries-like vocals and lyrics, and roaring, yet sinewy guitar solos. The next four songs are magnificently informed by 70s pop, then E.M.I.L.Y. thunders in, and reminds you that the 90s existed. But that just sets the table for the Twirlie Award winning Song of the Year, “Common Ground”. This song is a transcendent summer anthem–driving down the road with your love, enjoying the journey. Soaring harmonies, chiming guitars. Completely uplifting, and I’ll stack it up against every other Song of the Year we’ve ever awarded. The Turn plays a bit like a rock opera, leading to another favorite, Unraveled–a quirky rocker concerned with a female romantic partner, who is, shall we say, a bit less than stable. I haven’t dared play this one in the same set as the aforementioned Cult of Wedge track “She’s A Witch”–but it’s in a similar, tongue-in-cheek vein. This record is a must have.

Review from "I Don't Hear A Single":

Power Pop is so Wham Bam Thank You Mam, that at times you just want something a little slower.Rene Rodriguez and Todd Stanton are both Mike Viola fans and although Viola is at the Power Pop Top Table, he has got that Paul McCartney like way with a melody.Well Rodriguez and Stanton's Identical Suns have come up with a cracker of an album that is not necessarily Power Pop, yet those influences spring up readily. It's laid back joy. The opener, "Baby I'm Down", could very well be The Mavericks until the chorus hits you in a sort of UK 60's Beat way. It's a joyous album, melody led and laid back in a San Franciscan sort of way. An album to listen to from start to finish. Great playing, unexpected arrangements such as drum shuffles, acoustic riffs and some fine lead guitar.Scott Bennett helped out in the latter days of the recording and you can hear that Beach Boys Influence in "Nothing I Can Do","Show Me A Sign" could be The Raspberries and has a great lead solo. EMILY is a real rock out. "Yesterday Ended" begins with a real Peter Green like Riff and then borders on West Coast wonder.Out of character with the rest of the album, "The Turn" is almost 10 minutes of constant shifting, a Psych like masterpiece. really gripping.The closer, "After The Lullaby", well. it could be Jackson Browne backed by The Beach Boys.All in all, a really impressive debut album and I'm personally looking forward to plenty in the future.

Review from "Pop Dose:

This long-planned debut album from Identical Suns is one of those happy results of a strong Indiegogo campaign; combining the talents of Rene Rodriguez and Todd Stanton, this California and Ohio based aggregate makes a very pleasing power pop sound that has shades of The Beatles, The Raspberries and all the best elements of how to write hooky/catchy songs.Starting with “Baby I’m Down”, it’s uptempo feel makes you pay attention from the first beats; the economical guitar solo hits the mark and the harmonies and handclaps on the chorus makes it instantly classic, so you know you’re in for a good listen. “Nothing I Can Do” is awash in acoustic guitars and a highly melodic and prominent bass line and is an early high mark; “Show Me A Sign” opens with a classic Fender Rhodes piano figure and sounds like it would have fit in on the AM radio of my youth in the ’70’s and “Emily” is a surprise in that it just comes in kicking hard, with a grinding guitar and riff, switching to a funky, tight tempo. “The Turn” walks right out of the mid-to-late ’60’s school of quality ballad writing – an interesting progression and great arrangement with its reverbed guitar, leading into the 7ths-oriented chorus – certainly the album’s centerpiece while “Unraveled” is another nifty rocker that motors at 100 m.p.h. All in all, a truly dynamic debut album by some very fine, well-schooled musicians who have a sense of diversity but doesn’t spread themselves all over the musical map. A tip of the hat to Identical Suns – they have the goods and this album is proof.

Review from Adam Marsland

"I have to be honest - I don't listen to music for pleasure all that much. Partly because I am listening to music all day long every day for work and when I have leisure time I tend to get out in nature so I can give my ears, neck and back a rest. Partly because I've heard sooo much music in my time that it's hard for me to catch a buzz off it. Too much of what I hear falls into the category of "OK, that's nice, you do that thing" or "that's good, but not great, and I feel like in this environment many don't know the difference anymore." I think being this critical and objective probably makes me a better producer, but it's much harder to find something that floats my boat. When I discovered Foster the People I probably played "Coming of Age" about 2 billion times because it was the first song in a long time that thrilled me like I wanted to be thrilled by music.

So anyhows, I want to commend a CD to you by a band called Identical Suns. Rene Rodriguez from the band was kind enough to send me a copy. I won't say it's Sgt. Pepper's -- but it is a darn fine album, and unusually these days, it pretty much kept my interest from beginning to end - which sounds like faint praise but it's not. Diverse, well produced (nice job, band, Andrew Stanton and Scott Bennett), well performed but with enough roughness around the edges to keep my eyes from glazing over. There are a lot of power pop and psychedelic touchstones throughout, but the record never felt rote. The final tune, "After the Lullaby," is quite moving and delicate. Good work."


All songs written by Todd Stanton and Rene Rodriguez except "Show Me A Sign" written by Todd Stanton, Rene Rodriguez and Andrew Stanton and "After The Lullabye" written by Andrew Stanton, Todd Stanton and Rene Rodriguez.


Rene Rodriguez- Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar, Percussion Todd Stanton - Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Percussion Andrew Stanton - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion Kimberly Stanton - Cello, Violin, Percussion, Backing Vocals Mitch Trompeter - Drums

Produced by Andrew Stanton, Todd Stanton and Rene Rodriguez. Additional Production by Scott Bennett Recorded by Andrew Stanton, Mixed by Andrew Stanton and Scott Bennett. Mastered by Shane Soloski at Blue Suede Studios, Los Angeles, CA Special Guests Brian Jones - Bass on "Baby I'm Down, Nothing I Can Do, Common Ground, Unraveled and The Turn; Lead guitar on E.M.I.L.Y. Brandon Young - Drums on "The Turn" and E.M.I.L.Y. Paul Young - Guitar solo on "The Turn" Andy Reed - Echoplex sounds and Guitar solo on "The Turn" Christian Phillips - Backing vocals on "Common Ground" Jack Stanton - Backing vocals on "Unraveled" Scott Bennett - Additional percussion, background vocals, and tinkery piano.

Special Thanks Adam Waltemire of Pop Garden Radio, Steve "Sparky" Brody of Shock Pop Radio, Alan Haber of Pure Pop Radio, Michael McCartney of The Time Machine, Andy Leschnik of Power Pop Square, Jon Roren of WUSB Radio, Aaron Kupferberg of PowerPopaholic, Cheryl Pawelski of Omnivore Records, Andrew Curry of Curry Cuts, Andy Reed of Reed Recording Company, Donald Gormanly, Brandon Schott, Kathy Rodriguez, Sarah Rodriguez, Christopher Rodriguez, Steve Trompter, Marcia Trompeter, Karen Rahm, Dan Korzeniewski, Ken Simpson, Patrick Simpson, Ellen Considine, Keith Klingensmith, Mike Ha Streng, and Steve Eggers.

For fans of:beatles, beach boys, crowded house, jellyfish, mike viola
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