Break Out


Break Out by Illijam
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For fans of:Trip-Lee, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, Kid Ink, Drake
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  1. Break Out (Prod
For fans of:Trip-Lee, J. Cole, Andy Mineo, Kid Ink, Drake
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Break Out

Verse 1

The name is Illi-j to the A-M/

I'm chillin with my brothers like my last name Wayans/

The days be gettin crazy so I say we gotta weigh in/

The way in to the kingdom through the flame: inferno blazing/

But that's cool, though it's hot/

We learning as we hurting to treasure no one but God/

But the fool, will be gone/

They burning as they deserting flirting with idols/

They don't know my father is mad hot like Cajun/

They hear Count It Loss now they finna switch stations/

If they really saw His glory then no doubt their hearts be racin/

So I hit em with the Word like an auto-cannon boy you can say I'm strafing/

Leave it to Beaver my teacher; keep in mind the Spirit/

Will speak through the preacher the people that He pick will hear it/

Victory assured is my motive to obey/

It don't make me lazy baby so somebody say olé/

It's a party, it's a party/

Maybe the Black Eyed Peas can help me get it started/

If you see me serving it ain't cuz my God is needy/

He serving me by lettin me give Him to folks, I'm greedy for Jesus/

Jesus and obedience has gotta be my focus/

God be the power locus make stuff happen like hocus pocus/

What I gotta do to get it through to you I'm nothing but a P - a - w- n/

Boy from PA but I’m nothing much just sweet dust like crushed M&Ms/


Breakin out, that be how we do/

We a problem for the world like we broke outta the zoo/

Go gorilla to the beat if you feelin in the zone/

Throw the gates wide open get out our way here we go/

Break Out: breaking out we we we we breaking out/ (3x)

You can stay here if you wanna but we breaking for it now/

Verse 2

Here we go, beat keep riding/

Clearly though, we ain't vying/

For the number 1 spot homie that ain't even ours/

Only Jesus satisfies like a Snickers candy bar/

See I'd be hateful if was up here distracting you from having/

The only worship-worthy one who can make your soul happy/

Bouta set you free if you'll listen to the truth/

Zookeeper came thru got us out we gotta move/

Lotta Christians chillin in they old life cages/

They don't believe the fact of their past liberation/

But belief determines feelings and feelings how you live/

So bottoms up with the truth like it is a beverage/

It don't matter where ya from, from the city to the burbs/

From the country to the hood, and e’ry country in the world/

I'm a European mutt call me freaky deaky Dutch/

And my God got Awesome Powers and He come through in the clutch/

Call me Dorothy if you wanna on this break out track/

I got Simba, Tony, and Baloo at my back/

I ain't talking get exposure I be talking break free/

From the Alcatraz prison of false ideology/

Too many people who under a steeple ain't intimate with Him at all/

They say that they wit Him but really don't get Him because they do not count it loss/

Hopefully we'll never be numbered among the lukewarm lovers/

Press on to know the Lord with my sisters and my brothers/


Production by OnBeatMusic

Recording by Jungle Hype & Illijam

Mixing/Mastering by Jungle Hype

Artwork by Dylan Tordoff Designs & Jungle Hype

Concept and Lyrics by Illijam