For fans of:Ambient, Electronica, Atmoshperic, Dance, Metal

InduRancE is a music solo project started by Max Cottica in 2004. The main idea behind the project is to combine atmospheres and landscapes that are closer to ambient and electronica sounds, with the groove and fierce attitude of rock, all mixed down and produced with a more industrial feeling. It took several albums and a long series of side collaborations to tune up this machine.

2005 - Walking in the Polyedric Park (demo)

2006 - Odissea (full length)

2007 - Miseria (full length)

2007 - Ti Amero' per Sempre (mini)

2007 - Lettere da Antartica (full length)

2008 - Soundtrack to the Apocalypse (full length)

2009 - Il Bambino del Mai (full length)

2010 - Life (single)

2011 - Japan (single)

2012 - Brave (full length)

2012 - A Day to Remember (single)

2012 - Instruverse (single)

2012 - The Dark Side of Negative (full length)

2014 - The Dark (full length)

2015 - Here Comes the End (full length)