For fans of:Ms mr, Massive Attack, Bad for lashes, Active Child, Nike and the dove

we are inouwee It is a constant flow, and ongoing creative project where we try to put all ideas and inspiration and make it a part of our musical universe. Everything we've accomplished so far, like building a fan base and making people find our music, all comes from hard work, that we are proud to have created. Its very important to us, to create a forum for our music, that is not just only that. We want the communication with the fans to be honest and true to who we really are, so that they can relate and play a part in our musical journey. inouwee is about connecting and relating to the music. We use the social media scene, not only to promote our own music, but also our inspiration from other band, or art forms. Working together is a journey, where we have no destination, inouwee is a constant flow, of emotions that is gonna reflect it-self in our music as we move forward.