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Memory Jams

Memory Jams by Inside Joke
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ChildrenKid's Music
For fans of:Lonely Planet, Weird Al, Pigeon John, Lecrae, Beastie Boys
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  1. A1 (Four Types of Tissue).mp3
  2. A2 (Axiel Skeleton Bones).mp3
  3. A3 (3 Kinds of Muscle).mp3
  4. A4 (3 Parts of the Nervous System).mp3
  5. A5 (5 Main Senses).mp3
  6. A6 (Digestive System).mp3
  7. A7 (Excretory System Parts).mp3
  8. A8 (6 Parts of the Circulatory System).mp3
  9. A9 (4 Parts of the Lymph System).mp3
  10. A10 (Parts of Respitory System).mp3
  11. A11 (Endoctrine System).mp3
  12. A12 (Purposes of Blood).mp3
  13. A13 (Atomic Number).mp3
  14. A14 (Element Definition).mp3
  15. A15 (Parts of an Atom).mp3
  16. A16-18 (1-12 Periodic Table).mp3
  17. A19 (Psalm 19_1).mp3
  18. A20 (Theory of Evolution).mp3
  19. A21 (Uniformitarianism).mp3
  20. A22 (Castostrophism).mp3
  21. A23 (Natural Selection).mp3
  22. A24 (Good Science).mp3
  23. B1 (Classifications).mp3
  24. B2 (5 Kingdoms Base).mp3
  25. B3 (Animal Cell Parts).mp3
  26. B4 (Plant Cell Parts).mp3
  27. B5 (Major Groups of Invertibrits).mp3
  28. B6 (Major Groups of Vertibrits).mp3
  29. B7 (Animals Reproduce).mp3
  30. B8 (Seed Plants).mp3
  31. B9 (Plant Parts).mp3
  32. B10 (Leaf Parts).mp3
  33. B11 (Flower Parts).mp3
  34. B12 (Plant Systems).mp3
  35. B13 (Parts of Earth).mp3
  36. B14 (3 Kinds of Rock).mp3
  37. B15 (Highest Mountain.).mp3
  38. B16 (4 Kinds of Volcanos).mp3
  39. B17 (Parts of a Volcano).mp3
  40. B18 (4 Types of Ccean Floor).mp3
  41. B19 (Ocean Zones).mp3
  42. B20 (Parts of Atmosphere).mp3
  43. B21 (Circles of Latitude).mp3
  44. B22 (Weather Fronts).mp3
  45. B23 (Types of Clouds).mp3
  46. B24 (Markings on Globe).mp3
  47. C1 (7 Types of Biomes).mp3
  48. C2 (3 Types of Consumers).mp3
  49. C3 (Food Chain).mp3
  50. C4 (Natural Cycles).mp3
  51. C5 (Animals & Environmental Change).mp3
  52. C6 (6 Forms of Polution).mp3
  53. C7 (5 Kinds of Stars).mp3
  54. C8 (Parts of the Sun).mp3
  55. C9 (Names of the Planets).mp3
  56. C10 (Phases of the Moon).mp3
  57. C11 (Other Bodies in the Solar System).mp3
  58. C12 (US Space Missions).mp3
  59. C13 (States of Matter).mp3
  60. C14 (Acid vs. Base).mp3
  61. C15 (2 Forms of Energy).mp3
  62. C16 (1st Law of Motion).mp3
  63. C17 (2nd Law of Motion).mp3
  64. C18 (3rd Law of Motion).mp3
  65. C19 (1st Law of Thermodynamics).mp3
  66. C20 (2nd Law of Thermodynamics).mp3
  67. C21 (3rd Law of Thermodynamics).mp3
  68. C22 (3 Characterstics of Light).mp3
  69. C23 (Heat Flows…).mp3
  70. C24 (Units Used to Measure Electricity).mp3
  71. D1 (Scientific Method-Bonus).mp3
  72. D2 (Eight Parts of Speach).mp3
  73. D3 (Prepositions).mp3
  74. D4 (Pronoun Definition).mp3
  75. D5 (Helping Verbs).mp3
  76. D6 (Indefinite Pronouns).mp3
  77. D7 (Linking Verbs).mp3
  78. D8 (Adverbs).mp3
  79. D9 (4 Purposes of Sentences).mp3
  80. D10 (Verb Definition).mp3
  81. D11 (Nouns).mp3
  82. D12 (Conjunctions).mp3
  83. D13 (Adjectives).mp3
  84. D14 (Interjections).mp3
  85. (Bonus) Kickin It Homeschool-from album

Memory Jams is what you get when Inside Joke puts his touch on a massive amount of homeshool memory songs performed by "MC Claire!" These songs were never intended to reach the masses, but due to popular demand, we thought we would make this collection of amazingly bizarre and useful learning tools available on the World Wide Web exclusively through Noisetrade. We went for quantity, not quality. However, we still hope to make memorizing Science and English facts fun for the whole family!

BEWARE: 1) you could end up becoming a scientific genius with sick dance moves after listening to these tracks. 2) You could forever believe false information about something to do with our universe as one science "fact" is incorrect. Can you guess which one?


Claire Hanssen (composition, vocals)

Classical Conversations

ChildrenKid's Music
For fans of:Lonely Planet, Weird Al, Pigeon John, Lecrae, Beastie Boys
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