Isabel McArthur

For fans of:Kelly Clarkson, Katie Torwalt, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey

One of Isabel's earliest memories is working out harmonies with her mom and sister for a festival. She was under 5. Trained to hear music her whole life, she didn't realize the unique gift she was given in her schooling until graduating high school.

Isabel's dream is to use art to promote justice. In 2016 Isabel released a song devoted to raising money for Syrian refugees. It was called Away From Home, and received rave reviews.

Her passion lends itself to all sorts of genres. Every time she thinks she is one genre, another pops up in the next song. Her husband thinks she should focus on musicals, but that's a whole separate story. Her theme in writing is all things anthemic as she's consistently inspired by grandiose pictures in movies and mysterious musical solos in some of her favorite songs.

Isabel's focus has been acting, songwriting, worship leading and cooking mexican food. She is just now branching out to recording.