Isabel McArthur

Away From Home

Away From Home by Isabel McArthur
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For fans of:Kelly Clarkson, Katie Torwalt, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey
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The Syrian refugee crisis was the inspiration for Away From Home. 100% of the song profit from mp3 sales will bring aid to this area.

Away from Home is a Christmas song is in the neo-classical pop style. It's piano and strings driven with a soulful and dynamic lead vocal and includes powerful percussion and a backing choir. The lyrics reflect themes of being away from home during dark times, and fleeing hardship - relevant to both Mary & Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and flight to Egypt as well as refugees' journeys away from home while fleeing ISIS - and celebrates Emmanuel as the light in the darkness.

In order to provide aid to those fleeing tyranny in the Middle East, we will give profit to A21. A21 brings a focus to Greece, where 85% of Syrian refugees cross the border on their flight from ISIS. A21 meets Syrians there to provide "Freedom Containers" with much needed showers, water and children's books on how to avoid traffickers. They also fiercely protect refugees from being trafficked, and rescue victims that traffickers have already taken. Recently A21 started a housing development for 100 Yazidi girls and their families who were trafficked by ISIS. All professionals contributing to this project either worked for free or extremely discounted rates to ensure the funds go to those in need.

This is not a political statement, but rather a creative way to promote justice. Artists who worked on this project hold various political views. Our heart: honor humanity. Bring hope. If not us, who? If not now, when?

Lyrics attached.


Lead vocals: Isabel McArthur

Written by: Isabel McArthur & Joshua Jones

Piano: Joshua Jones

Percussion: Isaac Flex

Violin/Cello: Gemini Strings

Choir: Jon Jones, Angel Simmons, Jaime Bonds, Tricia Grennan, Meghan Clark, Johanna Flex, Anthony Truter, Heidi Nebbeling, Gregory Hyde, Joshua Jones, Isabel McArthur

Musical production and arrangement: Joshua Jones

Choir arrangement/director: Isabel McArthur

Tracking engineer: Josiah Vik and Trent de la Cruz, Dark Room Studio A

Tracking manager: Tim May, Dark Room Studio

Mixing & mastering engineer: Gregory Hyde, Skyblynde Studio

Logo art and design: Nat Long

Cover photo art: Rosie Lundmark Martindale

Lyric video: Michael Stein, Chuba Creative

Videography: Jeremy Lynch

For fans of:Kelly Clarkson, Katie Torwalt, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey
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