(R)avolution: One Hundred Years Ago

(R)avolution: One Hundred Years Ago by iX-Acht
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For fans of:Velvet Acid Christ, Wumpscut, Implant, Die Form, Disturbed
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  1. One Hundred Years Ago
  2. The End of My Tether
  3. Are You Willing To
  4. Voyagers Without Maps
  5. Street Bodies
  6. We Have Become A Nation
  7. Better Red Than Dead
  8. Killswitch
  9. The Mind is God (Reprise)
  10. Had I Died Tomorrow (Leisure)
  11. Gospel of Wealth
  12. I Welcome Their Hatred
  13. What's Past is Prologue
  14. Some By Virtue Fall
  15. We Have Become A Nation (Trite Mix by X8)
  16. The End of My Tether (Sliced'n'Stitched Mix by X8)
  17. Had I Died Tomorrow (Ethereal Remix by X8)
  18. Street Bodies (Alternative Edit)
  19. The Mind is God (Fast Alternative Remix)
  20. Had I Died Tomorrow (Forthright Remix by X8)
  21. The End of My Tether (De Profundi Remix by X8)
  22. Street Bodies (Dashed Off Beat-free Mix by X8)
  23. Had I Died Tomorrow (Burly Remix by X8)
  24. Voyager Without Maps (Megamix Demo Version)
  25. I Welcome Their Hatred (Demo Version)
  26. Street Bodies (Phase A - Wobble Mix)
  27. Street Bodies (Phase B - Gooey Club Mix for Devies)
  28. Street Bodies (Phase C - Eerie Extended Mix)
  29. Street Bodies (Phase D - Power Noisy Mix)
  30. Street Bodies (Phase E - Spaced Out Mix)
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iX-Acht (pr. /ai egz??t/) is a French electro-industrial one-man band created in 2009 after the demise of its lead's former black metal band, Dirge for Wisdom. iX-Acht has been strongly influenced by many distinguished artists of the dark electro scene, such as Velvet Acid Christ, Die Form, Wumpscut or early Apoptygma Berserk. iX-Acht began releasing electronic music in 2010 with two EPs (extended plays): Snuff Out in January and This is Noise! in June. Together with the single She's Making Me Straight (published in Sep. 2010), they formed the core of what was to become iX-Acht's first full-length record Sceaduwe: Machine Macabre in January 2011. One year later, iX-Acht released his second full-length album A Noise for a Noise. Since 2012, iX-Acht has prepared his third album, entitled (R)Avolution: One Hundred Years Ago, due for November 2017. Some parts of (R)Avolution were progressively released between 2012 and 2017 in the form of EPs like Schadenfreude (July 2013), singles like Had I Died Tomorow (Dec. 2013), Street Bodies (Apr. 2014) and The End of my Tether (Jun. 2016) and bonus tracks on the anniversary album Deuteronomion (Jun. 2015).


Original music and album conception by iX-Acht. Credits for the samples used in the tracks belong to their owners and were used under Creative Commons licencing. It is therefore forbidden to sell them since the artist doesn't want to reap any profit from them by any means whatsoever. The story behind <em style="font-size: 14.4px;">(R)Avolution is the story of any revolution, as the opening title "One Hundred Years Ago" suggests, and the lessons we draw from it. Indeed, each track is meant to tell a story of its own but they also work together. With "What's Past is Prologue" and "Some By Virtue Fall", two quotes by Shakespeare, the album brings an intellectual conclusion to the overarching theme of the release. (R)Avolution is for "Voyagers Without Maps" who will find a great diversity of musical genres (rythmic noise, electro-industrial, IDM, synthpop, eurodance etc.) and, given the shape of the world today, there is a long way to go...

For fans of:Velvet Acid Christ, Wumpscut, Implant, Die Form, Disturbed
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