Jake J-Thrill Bennett

Back to Back [Royals World Series appearances] (Drake cover)

Back to Back [Royals World Series appearances] (Drake cover) by Jake J-Thrill Bennett
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For fans of:Shad, Andy Mineo, John Reuben, Kyle, Chance the Rapper
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  1. Back to Back [Royals World Series Appearances]
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When your favorite baseball team beats your favorite rappers favorite baseball team to go to back to back World Series'... you have to cover his Back to Back song. As a lifetime Royals fan, I could not be more stoked that they're headed to back to back World Series appearances for the first time in franchise history.

lyrics: I watch the games from section 119, just go and check me

Back to back AL Champs, Wade is so nasty

Back to back in KC, man we keep in classy

Back to back like the Royals, 2014 2015

I been supporting and in the trenches

When you look back you'll see that I've had season tickets

Yea, for all those seasons with 100 losses and then we got Eric Hossssmer

It's great to see the city go insane

Cuz they used to call us triple A

You gonna make me do a line of lo Cain

you gonna make me hate on SI for even saying That we'd win 78 games, really, where y'all at?

I drove here in Taurus listening to Denny Matt

I'm not sure what it is that that the press can't grasp

But last season wasn't a fluke, and I think you see that

I mean oh

Can't fool the city, man they know what's up

I mean, Gordos got 4 golden gloves

This for yall that think that our team ain't tough

They just mad cuz we got in fights so much

Bat flip'd past the Rangers so you wanted more

Couldn't bat flip past Dayton Moore

I know Joe Buck didn't want us to win but he better get used to calling our games again

Bigger cities wanna see us park it

You getting bodied by a small market

I'm not type of fan to call out other teams

But call us little brothers now and you'll see

That this team has got the D up And this team don't ever give up

I was at the wild card, was at the wild card

That comeback set the stage, don't get caught off guard

Got the pennant, going back to back

I don't wanna see that crap ever again

Don't ever predict us with less than 90 wins

Don't even call it the Shields trade, it's Wade Davis

We been putting on a show, always a sell out event

We need more seating

Got bandwagon fans, man I've never seen it

The point I'm trying to make is I don't ever need to see you say this ain't our season

Please Check em for a substance or a cheat sheet

please We paid the Price, twice, he was basically free

Think before you come for the crown, man please

Who's the challenger? Man there ain't one please

Somebody stop me

I'm talking Esky, and Salvy got me

We got the Classic in 2 days, man cover my shift

Soon as a playa hit the K they gonna ask if they can play this hit back to back


written by: Jake J-Thrill Bennett, Meech Palovcsik, Quentin Miller

footage courtesy of: Fox Sports and TBS

For fans of:Shad, Andy Mineo, John Reuben, Kyle, Chance the Rapper
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