Jake Ousley

For fans of:Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Hunter Hayes, James Taylor, Drew Holcomb & The Neighboors
Nashville artist Jake Ousley is something of a different kind. His songs draw from pop sensibilities mixed with a unique country flare. One moment you hear traces of Hunter Hayes, the next, James Taylor. Ousley is funny too. Jake's rare ability to draw in an audience and create an intimate, but entertaining environment keeps people coming back. After recently releasing his sophomore release titled Counting Down The Days, some of Nashville's top songwriters have been taking notice. "I really can't tell you how much I love this record. The songs, the production, Jake's voice and playing - all of it is so sincere and well done. The songs straddle that incredibly fine line of insanely catchy yet truly heartfelt and sincere. To think this is only his second record impresses me SO much, and it makes me even more excited about all the music to follow. This record is a MUST buy." - Dave Barnes