James Everett

For fans of:Christmas Music, Nat King Cole, Holiday Music, Earth Wind & Fire, Donny Hathaway

It’s not the hype, the sensationalism or the over-kill of putting yourself out there that excites James Everett, a native of San Francisco with a baritone / tenor / falsetto eclectic vocal style and performance that’s reminiscent to the Rat Pack days fused with sprinkles of R&B/Jazz/Pop. It’s the science of discovering how to reinvent one’s self with the passion to inspire others through songs riding on the edge of that timeless vibe.

James musical journey started at the age of 4 while sitting on a church pew with his feet dangling, looking up at his big sister (Carolyn) singing in the choir amid the sound of jubilant tambourines in syncopation to hands clapping. As James continued evolve he was Inspired by a number of musical influences such as Frank Sinatra, Luther Vandross, Smokey Robinson, Tony Bennett, Gospel, Soul and Johann Sebastian Bach, James found his baritone / tenor / falsetto eclectic vocal style. However, it was not just men who inspired James to sing, he also paid close attention to the likes of Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson and Aretha Franklin’s revived soul.

In December of 2016, James debuted his first album: A Timeless Season (The Song That Sings Of You). The Christmas holiday album exhibits his musical influences, original songwriting (A Timeless Season, The Gift, The Song That Sings Of You) as well as the production and musical talents of Tal Ariel (Producer/Arranger) and Kelly Park (Kelly Park Big Band / Co-writer of The Song That Sings Of You).  Currently, James is in the studio recording an original R&B/Pop single entitled Slipping Away with an anticipated release set for late summer 2019.

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