Jamie Soles

For fans of:Rich Mullins, Mark Knopfler, Raffi, Phil Keaggy, Steve Green
Jamie Soles is a singer/songwriter with over fifteen albums to his credit. He is known for his ability to get inside the head of Bible story characters, and to sing their story in a way that makes them come alive like nobody you have ever heard before. His Psalm versions are similar, singable and expressive. Jamie is a husband of one and father of eight, and he loves his wife, his kids, his church, his Ford van, Martin guitars, Alberta beef, Big Rock Brewery, Mark Knopfler's music, babies, maps, big dining tables, Pixar movies, ESV Bibles, and lasagna. And a few other things, too... If you are trying to raise children in the fear of the Lord, you will wonder how you ever lived without Jamie Soles music. You will love it.