For fans of:Jay Z, 2 pac, Nortorious B.I.G

Born September 26 1986 in Santa barbara California 2 hours away from Los Angeles , Jamil Duarte Farrow was the first born of his mother and farther who are both originally from North Carolina, his farther who named Jamil after his Dj name “DJ JAMIL” joined the military air force base in 1985 a year before Jamil was born causing his mother who was married to his farther to move to CA, he was born at the Air force base in Santa Barbara County. By the time he was 2 his mother and farther were divorce causing he and his mother to move back to the east coast. Growing up music was always apart of his daily routine, by the time he was five he was picking up “sticks” beating on everything he could get his hands on, he spent his childhood years raised by his grandparent’s in a small town “Pinetown” NC, enrolling kinder garden there he quickly began to catch the attention of his classmates, known for his passion for music they began to call him “Mill” as a nickname other nicknames like milli millio mills later in his youth he was known as. By age 12 he moved with his farther in a small town “Manteo” NC, meeting new friend’s he quickly gained the same reputation he did in his previous school. By middle school he began to write songs and remember them. Idolizing rappers such as 2 pac, Notorious B.I.G, Dmx, Busta rhymes, Jay Z, are just a few that caught his ear. At age 13 he moved back with his mother where she relocated in a city in Virginia “Portsmouth” Va, moving to a city was a major transition coming from a small town in North Carolina . But Jamil had no problem making new friends he continued his gift and love for music, being a class stand out some how those “nicknames” followed him. He began recording himself on a tape recorder at his home, passing the tape around the next day at school he began to push himself as a artist, Soon he had collections of tapes with friends around the neighborhood. Now at age 24 he still finds himself pushing to be that Super Star that everyone knows will eventually shine. Dropping numerous mixtapes he has made an impact on a lot of people’s lives. The only thing left to do now is for the world to hear his Marvelous works!