Jason Hofer

For fans of:Bob Dylan, Sufjan Stevens, Bruce Cockburn, Josh Garrels, Van Morrison

Broken hearts and tired souls have found a place to rest in the music of Gospel Folk Artist Jason Hofer. In September of 2016 Jason was involved in a serious mountain biking accident in which he was airlifted off a mountain with a broken neck. By God’s mercy Jason was in the three percent of people who come out of that injury alive and walking. At Kelowna General Hospital, he was placed into a halo and sent home to a hospital bed and an uncertain future. With his wife to care for him, a new baby and a toddler, life was challenging and difficult, yet Jason was given a simple gift...time. Through journal writings, scripture, and inspiring books, Jason put together an album that brings hope to the hurting, healing to the broken and points people to something greater than themselves; the steadfast promises of God. The album “Scars” allows all listeners to identify with the trials in their own lives and through his profound poetic lyrics, one is brought to a place of healing and rest for their weary souls.

Based out of Calgary Alberta, Canadian musician Jason Hofer has performed throughout Western Canada for the past 10 years.