Jason Hylton

For fans of:Lecrae, Eshon Burgundy, JGivens

The story of Jason Albert Hylton begins on October 4th 1986 in Brooklyn New York. Jason was the seventh born child to his father Edward Albert Hylton, and second born son to his mother Pauline Galloway Hylton. Heavily influenced by his cousins and siblings, Jason became profoundly intrigued by Hip-Hop music. From The Wu-Tang Clan to Nas, The Notorious B.I.G, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, and more, Jason began to live a lifestyle being fed to him by the sound waves of the street. As a teenager Jason began to use and sell drugs, and was entangled in unarmed, and armed robberies within his small town community. After several close calls with law enforcement, death itself, and the loss of his father to cancer, Jason slowly began to seek Jesus whom he once pledged allegiance to in his adolescence. In November of the year 2010 Jason rededicated his life to Christ in the very same church he used to attend as a child. Jason Hylton Co-owner of Free’d Up Music Group is seeking to educate todays youth, and elders in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to save them from a path that he once walked, a path of destruction and death, a path of uncertainty, and condemnation, unto the path of forgiveness, liberty, righteousness, and life in Jesus Christ the risen king.