Jeb Barry

For fans of:Steve Earle, Aaron Lewis, Ryan Adams, Chris Knight, Pawn Shop Saints

Currently lead singer/songwriter in the up and coming Americana group PAWN SHOP SAINTS, Jeb currently resides in Adams, Massachusetts the know, where Arlo lives..and a stone's throw from Aaron lewis.

A prolific and award winning songwriter, Jeb Barry has written over 3000 songs that roam through all styles of music....alr-country, bluegrass, country, americana, etc...

Since August 2012, Jeb has been making inroads into Nashville. He was recently named a Songwriter to Watch by the Nashville Songwriters Association, and has several songs making the rounds in Nashville.

Jeb first gained major label (Gary Gersh/Cindi Peters at DGC) attention in the last 1980's and early 1990's in the power pop group The Typicals. with Michael P. O'Neill. Jeb then went on to create the projects Mission Park, featuring acoustic music and The Riverbrides, which was Irish-based acoustic music. Both projects received local praise and awards.