Jeff Bjorck ~ Pure Piano Music (BMI)

For fans of:George Winston, Jim Brickman, , David Lanz, David Nevue, , Robin Spielberg, Philip Wesley, Michele McLaughlin, Kevin Kern, Debussy, Mozart, Beethoven
As an artist, Jeff Bjorck believes music in its purest form is sometimes the closest thing to art. Not surprisingly, his solo acoustic piano compositions paint a gallery of musical images suitable for framing. These original works interweave delicacy with intensity, combine musical notes with the space between them, and create moving pictures that move the emotions. Dr. Bjorck is somewhat of an expert on emotions as a clinical psychologist, researcher, and professor at Fuller Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology. With five CDs to his credit, Jeff's nontraditional method of composition has remained basically the same during the past 40 years. He plays spontaneously from the heart, stopping to develop musical themes that emerge. He admits, "Sometimes I feel like a third party, listening to the whole process as an interested observer!" He further notes, "I hope my music lifts my listeners from the chaotic rat race and gently sets them down in a restful place of peace and beauty."