Jeff Jack

For fans of:The Killers, Mute Math, Switchfoot
After sitting in the dark for over a year, this album is now getting the love and attention it deserves. I decided to make a “deluxe” album and include my previous EP as well as an acoustic version of “All the Things We Love” and 2 demos from the writing process. I will also be offering physical copies of my albums for just the price of shipping. Over the next couple of months, I’m hoping to put together some posts to describe the process of making these songs. Along the way, I hope to share some insight on how I approached songwriting and recording for these songs. NOW HERE’S MY FAVORITE PART AND WHERE YOU COME IN! Although this album's for sale in iTunes and other marketplaces, I won’t be keeping any proceeds. Any money that comes from the album will go directly to Restore International, a non-profit that helps youth in Uganda and fights sex trafficking in India among other things! If you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate your help in promoting this album! - Jeff