Jeff Schrems

Ohh...Now I Get It

Ohh...Now I Get It by Jeff Schrems
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For fans of:Derek Webb, Gungor, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Beck, Wilco
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  1. 01 Smile On My Face.mp3
  2. 02 Morning Slow.mp3
  3. 03 Here I AM.mp3
  4. 04 Fire of My Soul.mp3
  5. 05 Let The Days Roll By.mp3
  6. 06 Old Sad Songs.mp3
  7. 07 Slippin Away.mp3
  8. 08 Please Dont Break My Heart.mp3
  9. 09 Lets Go Out.mp3
  10. 10 Dont Give Up On Me.mp3
  11. 11 All My Bass.mp3
  12. 12 Better Than Wine.mp3
  13. 13 Thank You Jesus.mp3
  14. 14 Pretty Little Posey.mp3
Before we tell you about the life & times of Jeff Schrems, we would like to announce that all of the profits from Schrems' debut album are going to Living Water International. Tip big & tip often! And now the spiel..... Jeff Schrems has played in punk bands, jam bands, hillbilly swing bands, electronic outfits, bluegrass bands and just plain solo. He has won awards for writing songs, playing bass & just being the new kid. He has toured Michigan top to bottom, lived & gigged in Nashville, been out west, been out east & been down & out. He has played with folks you’d know & folks you wouldn’t. Jeff Schrems has always done exactly what he wanted to do & that isn’t always a way to become popular in this business. Blending elements of Folk, Garage Rock, Punk, Funk, Electronic, Old Time Country, Reggae, Gospel & Vaudeville. Don't believe it? Take a listen!
For fans of:Derek Webb, Gungor, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Beck, Wilco
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