Jeremy Vanderloop

No Death single

No Death single  by Jeremy Vanderloop
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Christian/GospelFolk Rock
For fans of:NEEDTOBREATHE, John Mark McMillian, Matt Maher, Phil Whickham, Jon Foreman
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  1. No Death

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We have experienced great joys and great sorrows this past year, and out of the ashes, something beautiful has risen. The vision of “No Death” was birthed out of heart ache, but has produced much joy in our lives and the lives of many across the country. The message is simple, that no death, darkness, or fear can separate us from our anchor, fortress, and beautiful savior, Jesus. We have an eternal and living Hope who can relate to every struggle, every fear, every doubt, and every heart ache. Anything that you can humanly process, Jesus has been through it and conquered it for our benefit.

When my cousin, Sherri, had been diagnosed with a severe and aggressive form of colon cancer at 17, I promised her that I would write a song for her and record it. Shortly after that, things began to spiral into what felt like hell on Earth. We began to get reports from near and far that dear friends and family members, (over 10+) had been diagnosed with cancer. We had friends go to prison, and over 12 friends go through extremely difficult divorces. Additionally, friends lost spouses and children to death. Not to mention all of the issues in the Middle East, with ISIS persecuting Christians and other Muslims in heinous ways. The 21 Egyptians beheaded in Feb. 2015, countless women being sold, children being decapitated, and the horrors go on and on.

We are living in a very dark time in History, where people are scared, corruption is running rampant, and our very way of life is hanging in the balance. People need hope, security, and peace. The fact is, when darkness struck our home on October 9th, 2015, as I was on tour with friends Shawn McDonald and Jonathan Thulin in Sheridan, Wyoming, my wife lost our second child due to an unforeseen miscarriage. I flew home as soon as I could, and we wept together. I remember just the thought of even something as simple as coffee would send my wife into heart ache. FYI, you cannot have caffeine when you are pregnant. As a part of the coping process, I sat on my couch and began to pen the song "No Death," the prayer was simple.

"Take me down to the river of Grace, wash my fears and all my pain away. Let the Son arise within my heart, I'm alive in You. No death can hold you down, you rose up from the ground, Jesus Your name is highest. Hallelujah! Take me into the Father, Oh Lord my God, my King, my Love. Jesus You're the Living hope!"

No Death could hold Jesus down. Not the death of our child, the death of a marriage, death of a career, death of health, freedom, or even death itself could hold Him down. When Jesus rose from the dead, He conquered all of the death that would ever hit our lives. When we go through darkness, we can fall into the loving arms of Jesus as our comforter and friend, and face it head on with Christ as our strength!

This is the simple message and hope of our newest project "No Death." I am eager to share this new season in my life with whoever will listen!

-Jeremy Vanderloop


Producer: Mitch Maldonado (House Below Productions)

Graphics: Joshua Noom

Mastering: David Goetter (Twenty Twenty Sound)

Christian/GospelFolk Rock
For fans of:NEEDTOBREATHE, John Mark McMillian, Matt Maher, Phil Whickham, Jon Foreman
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